Sunday, August 18, 2013

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We are glad to start this blog for our readers, participants and contributors to share knowledge from anywhere. Knowledge Globalization Institute started five years ago. During this period we have successfully organized nine Knowledge Globalization Conferences in the USA, India, Bangladesh, and Turkey. We have published 11 issues of the Journal of Knowledge Globalization. Our newest effort, the KGlobal University is a course platform available to scholars and learners from anywhere to teach and learn.
We will use this blog to share information about our efforts and knowledge we find interesting. We you o contribute to this blog and join the knowledge leaders.

Dal Lake, Kashmir


  1. Green Syllabus- join to save a tree

    Do you worry that your syllabus becoming bulkier every semester?
    Then, go green with your syllabus.

    Usually a syllabus has five parts 1) the core Syllabus, 2) departmental announcements, 3) university announcements 4) general announcements and 5) Instructor’s personal communication ( like a picture, two sentence bio etc). The more you add, the thicker it becomes. The longest syllabus I saw was 18 pages. My syllabi are about 7-8 pages (9 pts. Arial, single space). About 20 years ago I saw one page syllabi at Suffolk and elsewhere. (I know some universities in a developing country operate without any syllabus).

    As we increase the size of the syllabus we add to the sustainability problems when students go to print the whole syllabus which consumes more paper. Ink, power, printer depreciation, labor, overhead and disposal costs.
    This year, an estimate shows that one US university with 3000 undergraduate students will print 350,000 pages of syllabi if they print one copy of a 12 page syllabus per course. another estimate shows that 250 books take down one tree, which is about 50,000 pages. That university Syllabi will take down about seven trees in the Fall semester. So, their undergraduate syllabi contribute to deforestation every year by about 20 trees approximately.

    The Solution
    A. Make your syllabi digitally available to all

    B. Divide the syllabus in two parts:

    a) Make a one-page Printable Section with the academic essentials
    b) Make the rest of the syllabus as non-printable with a note on the top:
    Do not print this part- join to save a tree.
    c) Do not provide any printed syllabus in the class.

    Take the initiative and join to save a tree!

    1. Yes, that is interesting. Usually, I don't print out my syllabus for this purpose too.

  2. If you are a Logistic Manager, how will you ensure that materials move into your organization from suppliers,