Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trip to Beijing by Zhang Yuchang of Shijiazhaung Univeristy, China

Trip to Beijing

I am a Chinese girl named Zhang Yuchang, or you can also call me, by my English name, Precious. Currently, I am very a senior, majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in Shijiazhuang University of Economics, where an international academic conference was held from May 31st to July 1st. It was at this conference that I met Professor Rahman, who has enlightened my wisdom and is changing my life. The following is what I have learned from him.

l        How to achieve your dream
During the two days of the conference, I worked as a volunteer, offering help to scholars from all over the world. I am a girl full of energy and dreams, eager for knowledge and guidance. I happened to have the chance to meet Professor Rahman and asked him for advice. ‘ If you have a smart head and are willing to work hard and are top of your field with good communication skills and a firm belief of NEVER GIVE UP, you can go anywhere and do anything you want to, no matter where you are from, whether you are a male, female, White, Black, or an Asian.’ said Professor Rahman. After hearing this I was moved into tears, because it reminded me of the hard days of my struggling for a better self. I am grateful to him for his encouraging words and consider him to be a real professor.

l        A good quality ------Honesty
Professor Rahman told a story of his own about refusing a girl’s request for her monthly wage. The girl worked for Professor Rahman and was regarded as a member of his family. Professor Rahman refused her because she did not do her duty that month. ‘A person who wants to succeed must have a good quality ---honesty. Without honesty, he or she can achieve nothing. No pains, no gains. And everyone should have his or her own principle. You have the right to refuse.’ said Professor Rahman.

l        The difference between risk and gambling
After the conference Professor Rahman invited me and two other volunteers to go to Beijing with him. But for some reason we are not allowed by our college authority. The other two gave up this chance, but I would not give in to authority and finally managed to have this Beijing trip. My courage was appreciated by Professor Rahman. ‘The higher risk you take, the more profit you may get. However, you may also lose everything. So before you do something, you should analyze the situation and search for relevant information. If you do something without information about it, you are just gambling. Information controls your behavior just likethe instructions in the station to help you find the bus that you want to take. After the proper analysis you need to have the courage to take risk and learn to take responsibility for your decision.’ said Professor Rahman.

l        Always asking why
When someone tells you something, you should think about what his motivation is.’ said Professor Rahman. He asked me what was his motivation to teach me so many things, and I said he wanted to educate me. He said that was right.

l        Real ice cream---- Baskin-Robbins  Ben &Jerry’s
The night before Professor Rahman’s departure, we had dinner together in a restaurant. We ordered a roast fish, which turned out to be too spicy, and a fried ice cream, which turned out to be something like Chinese Spring rolls, nothing like ice cream at all. Though we had a free ice cream later, it turned out to be made of suger not real ice cream. Then the two kinds of real ice cream---- Baskin-Robbins and Ben &Jerry’s were recommended by Professor Rahman’s. So far they are out of my reach, but I am looking forward to the real taste of ice cream.

The Beijing Trip is very meaningful,educational and unforgettable. Professor Rahman is just like an amiable father, whose kindness,generosity, enthusiasm, humor and devotion to work have left a deep impression on me. I have planted another another dream in my heart ------ to be one of his most excellent students. One day I will visit him in America. I want to say,’ Professor Rahman, I love you so much and thank you so much!!!’

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